Inspired by the Berlin Iron jewelry of the early 19th century, this work combines elements of old school with a modern twist. Both side pieces of the necklace were sand casted from impressions made by computer parts. Opals were then added to these parts. There a bug in the computer! The spider which sits top of the silhouetted girl is a nod to this old phrase about computer glitches. This work was 'lost wax' casted, sand casted, riveted, pierced, formed, acid etched and polished. It was given a salt and ammonia patina which gives it that bluish color.

18" W x 3.2" H

Inspired by the Art Nouveau movements love of organics and a combining of mechanical objects this work was born. The necklace's octopus was carved from wax and then 'lost wax' casted. The gears and side pieces were designed in Adobe Illustrator and then laser cut from acrylic. Latex molds of the pieces were made and then the pieces were ready for wax which was then 'lost wax' casted. A salt and ammonia patina adorns the piece which gives it that bluish color.

18" W x 2.5" H

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